Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pixel Photography Studio

Did I tell you guys we are Adidas' new brand models? Hehehe. Nope I didn't because we aren't. In my previous post I talked about a photography studio that closed down, guess what guess what! We actually managed to find another photography studio. But this time round they have more costumes and props 😍 You can be anything you want and have your photo look like it has been taken by a professional.


Inside the room you'll find the costumes and props. The costumes ranges from traditional(Chinese, Korean, Japanese and etc) to Superhero costumes like Superman, Iron man and other funky stuff. They also have a rack of costumes outside the room that you can use as well.

More props! and a preview screen
 Photo taking equipment
The camera used is a professional one and you can take your own photo with a remote, so it's basically like a selfie but a professional selfie hehe. The room also has different colored backgrounds. From what I remember there are five of them. Ask one of their staffs for assistance if you want the background to be changed.

Overall the experience and customer service was awesome. Will go back again next time hehe

Location: 117 Jln Besar, Singapore 208837

This was not sponsored

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